Pandora Silver Beads Their Crimes Against

6 Great US Presidents and Pandora Silver Beads Their Crimes Against Humanity

6 Great US Presidents and Their Crimes Against Humanity

Franklin delano roosevelt was similar to professor x:Sure he was in a motorized wheel chair, but his brain could beat up your brain having to break a sweat.He lost his legs as a child, but didn't let that stop him from becoming the only ceo to ever serve more than two terms(He fixed four, thus making them twice as good as any other president).

As ceo, fdr had to handle a double threat unlike any other:He had to punch hitler hard with one hand and strangle the great depression with the other.One way or another, he might both, making it look goddamned classy.Yessir, nothing was extremely tough for fdr, expect for averting the slaughter of thousands of polish inhabitants.

Roosevelt formed powerful strategic alliances with assorted world leaders, this sort of churchill, kai shek, and a mustachioed cossack dubbed stalin.And to clarify, yes indeed, that's the same stalin who ended up killing more people than hitler.

When it became clear where the allied forces were going to defeat nazi germany, these world leaders started indicating their post war plans for europe.Stalin's plans obviously included becoming the magneto to fdr's professor x, and he demanded that the borders of poland be redrawn in such a way that he ended up controlling a large amount of it.Roosevelt smiled pleasantly and shrugged.

It wasn't long before fdr totally lost control of the discussions, and stalin ended up being sitting on much of eastern europe.Roosevelt hoped that more negotiations could salvage the position, which is about as advisable as seeking to gamble your way out of gambling debt.He must have had a funny idea of salvaging the truth, because out of his desperation Pandora Bracelets: to maintain a good human correlation with a mass murderer, he did two very stupid pieces.

First, he refused winston churchill's suggestion that they aid polish troops in their combat with the soviet puppet government.Second, he actually covered up a report that blamed the katyn massacre(On which 22, 000 poles were killed)Concerning soviets.

Truman has been graced with a recent revival in popularity in order to journey's.He's the guy who desegregated the military, ended battle ii, and waged an unpopular malay war.Along with that, he's most common for being the most unpopular president(Very much our current one).Of course unpopularity gives you street cred when you end up right about the stuff they hate you for.Nights, historians rank truman among the top 10 presidents of all time.

He probably ranked higher, if he hadn't tried to bust up a strike by drafting union members in within the armed forces.

Around 1946, a massive railway strike basically crippled the nation's railroads, in an era when trains were crucial for shipping goods and presenting settings for murder and sexy espionage.

Pushed to the sting, truman did what any sensible person would:He told the strikers that if they didn't accept funds, he would definitely fit them for some camo pants and ship them off to boot camp.

In a cagey move of tactical discussions, the workers decided they'd rather go back to work than get shot at in overseas, and relented mid voice.Thus truman ended what often is the most lopsided game of chicken in our nation's long history of accomplished bullying.

On the size of presidential infidelities, this is worth like 500 lewinskies.Following that, when he was disastrously gunned down in texas in 1963, his fate was forever sealed as a us legend.The fact is that, not my way through the legacy was positive.A number of it was actually kind of, easily, harmfull.Like for example the part of it named saddam hussein.

Into 1963, kennedy and his insolvency decided that a fun way to spend the afternoon would be to support a coup against the iraqi government.The nation's pro western monarchy had been overthrown several years earlier, and if you do intense debate and a couple quickies with marilyn monroe, kennedy in order to back a coup by abdul salam arif.

He gave the look of a good candidate, considering he hated communists and loved america.That being said, under kennedy's exercising, the cia sent thousands of firearms to arif, and moreover providing him with lists of suspected communists.Then everyone feigned surprise when arif and his cronies used their newfound firepower to slaughter thousands of these what are named as communists.

You may be wondering where saddam hussein fits into this.He was an enforcer for arif's ba'athist special, and myself, helped out with the slaughter.Down the road, he was crowned the head of the party, and master of iraq.

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