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A former volunteer fire fighter has admitted lying about being part of a 9/11 rescue team and boasting about his exploits during the terror attack on ny city.

Nike air nike test liflander, by way of carolina, gave an emotional speech to thousands of people which attended a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the attack.Troops shot dead by afghan soldier as obama apologizes to afghanistan's us web design manager for koran burning by american soldiers that sparked protests raging across country

His false claims were shown when members of ladder 133 were tipped off about his story and called him to protest.

Liflander, a offer fire fighter in boiling springs, sc, came clean and admitted he had made up the tale.

'It only agreed to be ego, ' Liflander asserted.

'Silliness.Trying to fit in and be one of the few guys.It just spiraled unchecked and became a lie i had to live.Or

Novice:Liflander said the lie began when he worked at cherokee springs fire department where he Air Jordan 12 was a paid volunteer and escalated from edinburgh

Liflander said he had wished to represent the views of real life nyc fire fighters.

An fdny spokesman confirmed liflander had never worked for the city fire system, which noesn't need volunteers.

Liflander said the lie began when he worked at cherokee springs fire section where he was a paid volunteer.

As well as speaking at an event attended by thousands last year on the 10th commemoration of the terror attack he also spoke at two other smaller events.

Payment youngson, an ancient captain of ladder 133, said liflander's deception was a slap in the cheap jordans shoes face to all firefighters included in 9/11.

'I'm very angry, ' Youngson explained.

'I'm done with people standing up and telling people these stories for a little bit of glory.Individuals have cancer, i've asthma and we paid our dues.

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