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Solved unable to network with xp media center edition to xp pro

I'm at the end of my rope here.Generally very good with computers and figuring stuff out, but this one is stumping me.I've search forum after forum and tried many things but i cannot seem to solve my networking issue.

I have one computer with a wireless card and standard built-In nic.The computer connects to a wireless access point and then uses xp's ics to share to the other computer via the nic.This has previously worked a couple of months ago but now will not.

I've tried a crossover cable(That is what i would prefer to use), going through a hub, direct connection via firewire-Nothing works.Dhcp assigns an ip address to the client computer but the client computer still says"Acquiring network address".When the client computer first boots or if i look at the lan connection properties and then close that, then the connection says"Connected"But i still cannot access the internet or ping the host.The host cannot ping the client either.Although when pinging from the client from the host, i can see bytes coming through on the connection status window on the client.

I've tried a known working nic in both computers and known working cables between them so i'm pretty sure it is not a hardware issue.I've searched for days for answers on the web and tried lots of setting changes but nothing seems to work.Any help would be great!

Host computer:

Xp professional

Wireless card

Wired nic(Built-In) Cheap Tiffany Pendants

Client computer:

Xp media center edition

Wired nic(Built-In)

Use the wizard.It's the easiest way, set the pc to get its ip address and everything automatically, then go through the wizard.

Make sure both machines are on.Select"Set up new network", thenSelect"This computer connects directly to internet, others connect through me".This enables internet connection sharing, go through the rest of the wizard and restart both machines.Then it should work.

Make sure Cheap Tiffany Bracelets if you have a firewall on the first pc, that the second pc's ip address is entered into it so that it allows the connection to go through.

It's somewhere along those lines because i connected my xbox up that way.

All the settings on the second computer were automatically assigned by xp.I have the lan connection set to automatically obtain ip.And i've ran the wizard multiple times but it still doesn't work.

And even though the status of the connection says"Connected"On the second machine, i cannot ping the host, nor can the host ping the client.Also, if i try to"Repair"The connection or refresh the ip in any way, the connection gets stuck on"Acquiring network address"And but ipconfig still shows that an address has been assigned.

And i've even tried to connect with all firewalls off, but still nothing-So i don't think thats an issue.

Still nothing works.I tried several more variations such as installing the wireless card into pc2(Media center xp).It would show an assigned ip and everything on the 'support' tab of the network connection status window but on the 'general' tab it would still say"Acquiring network address. "If i went into the properties window and then closed out the status would then say"Connected", but I still could not access the internet.

While changing things around, both pc's had the same static ip address for a while.Both pc's recognized this by popping up a warning about it.So the connection seems to work to an extent.I believe something is set wrong on the media center pc-Something in the protocol.How can i reset the basic networking settings without having to wipe and reload?Like i said, the computer networked a few months ago(Although it didn't work as easy as it should have then either).

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